Thank you for visiting the website of THE MEDIATORS com.  The Mediators is an enterprise, Was found with a vision of providing affordable and quality services, the key to national happiness and leading efficient online offline service providers in order to enrich the lives and living conditions of Keralites.
As we usher in a " new era of hope " we place people as our top priority and are committed than ever to provide more quality services by creating and providing a reliable and customer friendly  atmosphere.
To secure our business success we put all of our effort to remind differentiated technology and advanced skills based on low-cost and high efficiency. We encourage our employees to think creatively and to act aggressively in order to keep innovative organizational culture.
India, a country with different culture, color as well as we are the second most populated country in the world with nearly a fifth of the world's population. But Indian economy usually experiences a relatively high unemployment rate. We are aiming to create a successful work condition for everyone who is facing unemployment.By providing an opportunity to work with The Mediators means, growing in the field of entrepreneurship.  We, aim to create more working opportunity to build an efficient and resourceful generation.
We at, The Meditors will continue to faithfully fulfill our given roles to live up to our reputation as India's largest public service providers and meet the needs and expectations of peoples in order to thrive as a well respected and reliable company.
We believe the mediators will be one of the most competitive company in the world of service providing sectors in return for our customer's interest and trust in us.
We would appreciate very much if you give us the opportunity to prove our competence.
                                      Thank you

                                  Ajo Johnson (Founder & CEO)