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The Mediators overview

MEDIATORS' is dedicated to serving our customers with the wide array of service for their happiness. Everyone needs a tension less life and obviously everyone needs to be successful also these two important things are a part of your life and it connected each other if you have a fresh mind without any tensions your’s thought will be always positive, if your thoughts are positive, you can experience the life of eternity  and you can bring happiness  increase your happiness with MEDIATORS and build your success. we will be always at your Doorstep. You can invite us to start our services in your flats/villa projects and your residence.

This wonderful platform MEDIATORS Founded and Developed by AJO JOHNSON who has a stunning service background with over 6 years of experience in different companies like DOMINOZ,VODAFONE, RELIANCE,C-VOTERS,SBI LIFE,STAR HEALTH, HELLO HELP,etc. At the age of 19, he push to motivate plus two students after his Graduation he did many motivational seminars for plus two students over south India. Due to the passion,way of thinking, perseverance, Hard work, and confidence he helped many students to get motivated in life. Now he completed his 5th years in training profession, still he is burning himself to prove more in the field of human resources development. During his graduation he worked as pizza delivery boy then worked as hotel receptionist at the age of 20 he took his first single project from C-Voters and it was a success. He carried the DIRECTOR position of Faith Institutions, Bangalore for last 3 years and still  Ajo, through practical experience he confirmed his strong belief that every individual has unique strength and massive capacity to endure, learn and grow from life’s many challenge “If you can polish your own skill,you can be a boss yourself” Welcome to MEDIATORS'


-If you can polish your time you can be a boss yourself-

-be with your family we will serve you there-

How we work


MEDIATORS is a team of highly professional and well qualified executives with years of experience in various service sectors.

MEDIATORS respect your time,money and your trust. MEDIATORS have an experienced customer care to ensure that the services are on time and without any bad interference. MEDIATORS can bring you into the next generation of SERVICES. And we can demand the quality of every product and services. MEDIATORS assured our products with perfect quality and fast delivery. We believe our business.


The Mediators' introduction speech by the founder & CEO Mr. AJO JOHNSON.